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White Undercoat

1829 Vintage Collection


Always use an undercoat to ensure your on-trend aesthetic is flawless and authentic to your interior vision. Our 1829 White Undercoat is best used with our 1829 Vintage Collection colours. The undercoat best suited for each colour is clearly identified on our individual website product pages and on our colour cards.

We've developed the ultimate quick-drying primer for our Chalky Emulsion, Eggshell and Gloss paint finishes. Using an undercoat before applying your colour ensures that your paint will go on smoothly, evenly, and will last.

Our quick-drying White Undercoat is versatile for use on interior projects and exterior woodwork. All our undercoats are suitable for plaster, plasterboards, wood, MDF and composite boards. Set yourself up to ensure you get the perfect finish for all your walls, ceilings, and joinery surfaces.